Tuesday, September 16, 2008

කනගාවා Kanagawa - Japan

“Kamakura is an ancient capital city where the Kamakura Shogunate,
a feudal military dictatorship ruled by the shoguns, was established.
There are a number of historical Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples remaining in this area,
including the famous Daibutsu statue.
Enoshima, a scenic area with many historical sites and legends,
and Katase Beach, which has been called the “Miami Beach of the East,”
overflow with tourists in the summer season.”

ජපානෙ 'කනගාවා' චිත්‍ර ප්‍රදර්ශණයට චිත්‍රයක් ඇන්දා. ඩොල්ෆින්ලා!
ගණිතය - වෙසලාකරණය
විද්‍යාව - (දණගහගෙන සිටීම)

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